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Hmannak caah Khulrang Lamhmuhsaknak

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Indiana Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (INWIC, Nu, Bawhte le Hngakchia caah Pum Thazang Umnak Eidin A Bawmtu Special Program) Mobile App download dingah:

Holh Thimnak

App caah holh thim hna: English (thim cia mi) asiloah Spanish

1.Thlalang hmai i a cung orhlei ah Setting icon (serremhnak hmelchunhnak) cu hmet hna
2.Na duhmi holh thim dingcaah thawn hna
3.Fimnak hmetnak (Save button) cu hmet hna

Min Khumhnak

App in min i khumh dingcaah:

1.Luhnak cahmai (aihre kuang) i Min Khumhnak hmetnak cu hmet hna

Na Herhmi Hna:

To register with Google+ or Apple ID:

You may register and log in to the INWIC Mobile App using Google+ or Apple ID accounts.

1.On the login page, tap the icon for either Google+ or Apple ID and follow the prompts to enter the requested information.

2.The first time you login with Google+ or Apple ID, you will be prompted to enter your Indiana WIC account information. This registers the account with the Indiana WIC Household record.

3.Voikhat lawng min naa khumh a herh lai.

Na Herhmi Hna:

Password caah bawmhnak:

Password luh na herh fatin, hitin na tuah hna lai:

1.Na password (aihre kuang) zoh dingcaah mit hmelchunhnak cu hmet hna
2.Na password (aihre kuang) thuh than dingcaah mit hmelchunhnak cu hmet than hna
3.Password caah a herhmi pawl (theithu (orange) kuang) zoh dingcaah thil konglam hmelchunhnak cu hmet hna

iPhone caah Nicaan Thimnak:

A kum na thim hmasa lai i cu hnu ah a thla le a ni na thim lai.

1.Na herhmi kum (a hring kuang) ah thawn hna.
2.Thla (aihre kuang) ah thawn hna.
3.A ni (theithu (orange) muici kuang) ah thawn hna.


Theihternak pawl:

Theihternak na ngei mi a um ahcun a cung orhlei ki i Darkhing hmelchunhnak cu a senmi in aa kulh lai. Thimnak menu in Theihternak cu thim hna.

Umnak Hmun Hmelchunhnak:

Na phone lam zohnak app ah siikhaan asiloah dawr umnak hmun langh ter na duh fatin umnak hmun hmelchunhnak cu na hmet khawh hna.

THEIH DING: Android phone pawl ahcun phone asiloah lam zohnak hmelchunhnak hmet hnu in a hlei in cahmai a rak chuak i cu ahcun an lang. Umnak hmun langhter dingcaah “Lam Hmuhsaknak Pawl cu hmet hna. Phone number hmet dingcaah “Phone Chawnh” timi hmet hna.

Andorid Pop Up

Phone Hmelchunhnak:

Phone number tial hau loin siikhaan asiloah dawr phone chawnh na duh fatin phone hmelchunhnak cu na hmet khawh.

Thathnemhnak Cahmai:

Thathnemhnak cahmai nih thathnemhnak caan chungah a ngahmi thil vialte cu cahmai a cunglei ah a langh ter. Thil pakhat cio nih cawk khawh asi mi a tangrihmi an zat cio kha an langh ter.

1.Hmailei caan i thathnemhnak pawl zoh dingah Hmailei Caan (Future) hmetnak cu hmet hna.
2.A hmetngan, a phun, le kampani hmelchunhnak pawl telchih in cawk khawh dingin onhmi pawl zoh dingcaah eidin hmelchunhnak (theithu (orange) muici kuang) cu hmet hna.
food box
3.A Dihmi Tuaknak (Cost Calculator) hman dingcaah Thingthei le Tisik Anhnah hmelchunhnak cu hmet hna. Na thil a man le a ritnak tial hna law, cun a dihmi a tuak lai.
Fruit and Vegetable icon

UPC Scan tuahnak:

Thil pakhat cu WIC theihpimi asi maw timi le na thathnemhnak ah aa tel maw timi check dingcaah UPC scan tuahnak cu hman hna.

Hi cakuat pathum lak ah pakhat na hmuh lai:

not in benefits
not approved

Siikhaan le Dawr Kawlnak:

WIC Stores

Thazang Umnak Eidin Kong Fimcawnnak

Thazang Umnak Eidin Kong Fimcawnnak Hmannak caah Khulrang Lamhmuhsaknak

Phone Screen

Hal A Tammi Biahalnak Pawl

Ka password tial nak ding kuang ka hmuh kho lo:

Ka password ka philh. Zeitindah a thar ka thleng lai?

1.Luhnak cahmai i Password Philh hmetnak (theithu (orange) kuang) cu hmet hna

2.Luhnak caah na hmanmi na emial cu tial hna

3.Atanglei pakhat khat hi tial dingin halnak cahmai thar a rak lang lai:
– A Nungmi eWIC Card Number
– Card Ngeitu Chuahni – hihi cu chungkhar caah Nawlpekmi Aiawhtu i a chuahni asi (MM/DD/YYY)
– Umnak Lam Ca Peknak Code Number

4.Password Philh hmetnak (a senmi kuang) hmet hna
forgot password screen

Ka password ka theih ko, asinain thlen ka duh. Zeitindah ka password ka tleng lai?

1.INWIC Mobile App ah na lut lai
2.Innpi Cahmai i a cung kehlei ah Menu hmetnak cu na hmet lai
3.Password Thlennak hmetnak cu na hmet lai
4.Atu na hmanmi na password na tial lai
5.Password Thar (New Password) le Password Fehternak (Confirm Password) kuang ah na password a thar na tial lai
6.Password Thlennak hmetnak cu na hmet lai

Hi riantuannak zung cu atlukmi caantha petu asi.

The ‘I’m a WIC Client’ button now directs to Nutrition and Breastfeeding, the content offered on the site has not changed.

Side Lying Hold

Side-Lying Hold

  1. For the right breast, lie on your right side with your baby facing you.
  2. Pull your baby close. Your baby’s mouth should be level with your nipple.
  3. In this position, you can cradle your baby’s back with your left arm and support yourself with your right arm and/or pillows.
  4. Keep loose clothing and bedding away from your baby.
  5. Reverse for the left breast.

This hold is useful when:

Cross Cradle Hold

Cross-Cradle Hold

  1. For the right breast, use your left arm to hold your baby’s head at your right breast and baby’s body toward your left side. A pillow across your lap can help support your left arm.
  2. Gently place your left hand behind your baby’s ears and neck, with your thumb and index finger behind each ear and your palm between baby’s shoulder blades. Turn your baby’s body toward yours so your tummies are touching.
  3. Hold your breast as if you are squeezing a sandwich. To protect your back, avoid leaning down to your baby. Instead, bring your baby to you.
  4. As your baby’s mouth opens, push gently with your left palm on baby’s head to help them latch on. Make sure you keep your fingers out of the way.
  5. Reverse for the left breast.

This hold is useful when:

Football Hold

Clutch or “Football” Hold

  1. For the right breast, hold your baby level, facing up, at your right side.
  2. Put your baby’s head near your right nipple and support their back and legs under your right arm.
  3. Hold the base of your baby’s head with your right palm. A pillow underneath your right arm can help support your baby’s weight.
  4. To protect your back, avoid leaning down to your baby. Bring baby to you instead.
  5. Reverse for the left breast.

This hold is useful when:

Breastfeeding Holds

Cradle Hold

  1. For the right breast, cradle your baby with your right arm. Your baby will be on their left side across your lap, facing you at nipple level.
  2. Your baby’s head will rest on your right forearm with your baby’s back along your inner arm and palm.
  3. Turn your baby’s tummy toward your tummy. Your left hand is free to support your breast, if needed. Pillows can help support your arm and elbow.
  4. To protect your back, avoid leaning down to your baby. Instead, bring your baby to you.
  5. Reverse for the left breast.

This hold is useful when:

Breastfeeding Holds

Laid-Back Hold

  1. Lean back on a pillow with your baby’s tummy touching yours and their head at breast level. Some moms find that sitting up nearly straight works well. Others prefer to lean back and lie almost flat.
  2. You can place your baby’s cheek near your breast, or you may want to use one hand to hold your breast near your baby. It’s up to you and what you think feels best.
  3. Your baby will naturally find your nipple, latch, and begin to suckle.

This hold is useful when: