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To download the INWIC Mobile App:

Select Language

Select the language for the app: English (default) or Spanish

1.Tap the Settings icon at the top right of the screen
2.Scroll to select the desired language
3.Tap the Save button


To register through the app:

1.Tap the Register button on login screen (yellow box)

What You Need:

To register with Google+ or Apple ID:

You may register and log in to the INWIC Mobile App using Google+ or Apple ID accounts.

1.On the login page, tap the icon for either Google+ or Apple ID and follow the prompts to enter the requested information.

2.The first time you login with Google+ or Apple ID, you will be prompted to enter your Indiana WIC account information. This registers the account with the Indiana WIC Household record.

3.You only have to register once.
Need bac_phone_screen

What You Need:

Password Help:

Any time you are required to enter your password, you may:

1.Tap the eye icon to view your password (yellow box)
2.Tap the eye icon again to hide your password (yellow box)
3.Tap the information icon to view password requirements (orange box)

iPhone Date Selector:

You must select the year first then select the month and day.

1.Scroll to the year you need (green box)

2.Scroll to the month (yellow box)

3.Scroll to the day (orange box)

WIC date picker



The Bell icon in the upper right corner will have a red circle if you have a notification. Select Notifications from the menu option.

Location Icon:

You can tap the location icon whenever you see it to display the location of the clinic or store on your phone’s mapping app.

NOTE: Android phones have an additional popup screen that is displayed after the phone or map icon has been tapped. Tap “Directions” to display the location. Tap “Call” to dial the phone number.

Andorid Pop Up

Phone Icon:

You can tap the phone icon whenever you see it to call the clinic or store without typing in the phone number.

Benefits Screen:

The Benefits screen shows all items available in the benefit period displayed at the top of the screen. Each item shows the remaining amount that can be purchased.
1.Tap the Future tab to see future benefits (yellow box).
2.Tap a food icon to see what is allowed to be purchased including package size, type, and brands (orange box).
food box
3.Tap the Fruit and Vegetable icon to access the Cost Calculator. Enter the price and the weight of your produce, and it will calculate the cost.
Fruit and Vegetable icon

UPC Scan:

Use the UPC scanner to check if a product is WIC approved and if it is included in your benefits.
You will see one of these three messages:
UPC barcode
not in benefits

Clinic and Store Search:

wic stores

Nutrition Education

Tap this link for the Nutrition Education Quick Reference Guide
Wic phone screen


I can’t see the box where I can enter my password:

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

1.Tap the Forgot Password button on the login screen (orange box)
2.Enter the email address you use to login

3.You will be prompted to enter one of the following:
– Active eWIC Card Number
– Cardholder Birth Date – this is the birth date of the Authorized Representative for the household (MM/DD/YYY)
– Street Address Zip Code

4.Tap the Forgot Password button (red box)

forgot password screen

I know my password, but I want to change it. How do I change my password?

1.Login to the INWIC Mobile App

2.Tap the Menu button at the top left of the Home Page

3.Tap the Change Password button
4.Enter your current password
5.Enter your new password in the New Password and Confirm Password boxes
6.Tap the Change Password button

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

The ‘I’m a WIC Client’ button now directs to Nutrition and Breastfeeding, the content offered on the site has not changed.

Side Lying Hold

Side-Lying Hold

  1. For the right breast, lie on your right side with your baby facing you.
  2. Pull your baby close. Your baby’s mouth should be level with your nipple.
  3. In this position, you can cradle your baby’s back with your left arm and support yourself with your right arm and/or pillows.
  4. Keep loose clothing and bedding away from your baby.
  5. Reverse for the left breast.

This hold is useful when:

Cross Cradle Hold

Cross-Cradle Hold

  1. For the right breast, use your left arm to hold your baby’s head at your right breast and baby’s body toward your left side. A pillow across your lap can help support your left arm.
  2. Gently place your left hand behind your baby’s ears and neck, with your thumb and index finger behind each ear and your palm between baby’s shoulder blades. Turn your baby’s body toward yours so your tummies are touching.
  3. Hold your breast as if you are squeezing a sandwich. To protect your back, avoid leaning down to your baby. Instead, bring your baby to you.
  4. As your baby’s mouth opens, push gently with your left palm on baby’s head to help them latch on. Make sure you keep your fingers out of the way.
  5. Reverse for the left breast.

This hold is useful when:

Football Hold

Clutch or “Football” Hold

  1. For the right breast, hold your baby level, facing up, at your right side.
  2. Put your baby’s head near your right nipple and support their back and legs under your right arm.
  3. Hold the base of your baby’s head with your right palm. A pillow underneath your right arm can help support your baby’s weight.
  4. To protect your back, avoid leaning down to your baby. Bring baby to you instead.
  5. Reverse for the left breast.

This hold is useful when:

Breastfeeding Holds

Cradle Hold

  1. For the right breast, cradle your baby with your right arm. Your baby will be on their left side across your lap, facing you at nipple level.
  2. Your baby’s head will rest on your right forearm with your baby’s back along your inner arm and palm.
  3. Turn your baby’s tummy toward your tummy. Your left hand is free to support your breast, if needed. Pillows can help support your arm and elbow.
  4. To protect your back, avoid leaning down to your baby. Instead, bring your baby to you.
  5. Reverse for the left breast.

This hold is useful when:

Breastfeeding Holds

Laid-Back Hold

  1. Lean back on a pillow with your baby’s tummy touching yours and their head at breast level. Some moms find that sitting up nearly straight works well. Others prefer to lean back and lie almost flat.
  2. You can place your baby’s cheek near your breast, or you may want to use one hand to hold your breast near your baby. It’s up to you and what you think feels best.
  3. Your baby will naturally find your nipple, latch, and begin to suckle.

This hold is useful when: