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Na eWIC Card Hmannak

Front Card

Na chungkhar ca i WIC thathnemhnak pawl cu na WIC account ah chiah piak asi lai. Na Indiana eWIC Card cu WIC siikhaan nih thil zuartu min cazin an pekmi ah aa telmi dawr ah na thathnemhnak pawl cawk dingcaah na hman lai. 

eWIC card nih thil cawk a fawi ter.

A tanglei nih hin WIC phaisa pek ningcang tuah tawn micu a langhter nain dawr khat le dawr khat tlawmpal te te an i dang kho men.



Na eWIC card, atu thathnemhnak a tangmi cazin le Indiana eWIC Theihpimi Eidin Card in, na herhmi eidin pawl cu thim hna.


Phaisa Peknak

Thil cawk na lim tik ah, WIC a cohlangmi phaisa peknak lam kha thim hna.

Cheu khat dawr pawl cu WIC thil le adang thil kha thleidan piak an herh lai. A herh mi asi le si lo kha hal hna.

Indiana eWIC card na hmannak kong cu tangka tlaitu kha chim hna.

Tangka tlaitu nih thil cu WIC theihpimi asi maw timi le cu ni ah cawk khawh asi maw timi fehter dingcaah scan a tuah lai.


Man Peknak

Nangmah silo le tangka tlai tu nih eWIC card cu nan sawh (swipe) khawh.

PIN nambar pali na tial lai.

Tangka kengtu nih na phaisa peknak cazin cu an pek lai. Na card le phaisa peknak na cazin he na chuak ko timi tha tein fehter hna.

Dawr i WIC sehthilri cu a tha lo ahcun zeitin asi lai?
Dawr i sehthilri cu a tha lo ahcun, WIC a cohlangmi adang dawr ah na kal khawh.

Ka eidin pakhat khat cu cohlang lo asi ahcun zeitin asi lai?

Na WIC thathnemhnak nih thil pakhat cu a cawk khawh men lai tiah na ruat nain asi lo ahcun, a tanglei ruang ah hin asi kho:
Hi harnak pawl na ton ahcun, na thathnemhnak a tangmi cazin zoh dingcaah INWIC Mobile App cu check law thil cu WIC theihpimi asi le silo check dingcaah UPC scan tuah hna.

Na eWIC Card Kong

PIN timi cu Pumpak Thleidannak Number (Personal Identification Number) asi. Cucu biathli in chiahmi code number pali asi i na eWIC card an hman ter khawh. Na eWIC card na nunter lio ah na PIN number cu na thim lai.


PIN number Thimnak #

Zeitindah ka PIN number ka lak lai?
Na eWIC card na ngah hmasa bik lio ah na PIN number pali cu na thim lai. Na card nunter dingah le PIN thim dingah, Customer Service cu 1-855-349-1454 ah phone chawnh hna. eWIC card number kanan 16, ca peknak lam zip code, le Nawlpekmi Aiawhtu a chuahni na theih a herh lai.

Ka PIN number zeitindah ka thim lai?
Chinchiah dingah a fawimi, asinain midang nih theih dingah a harmi PIN number cu thim hna.


Him Tein Chiah Hna

Ka PIN number him tein zeitindah ka chiah lai?
Pakhat khat nih na PIN number a theih ahcun, na thathnemhnak pawl lak dingah na card cu an hmang khawh i cu thathnemhnak pawl cu adang in thlen piak than asi ti lai lo. Na PIN number na tial lio ah, na tialmi number cu midang nih an hmuh lo nak hnga tha tein ven hna. eWIC card ah na PIN number cu tial hlah, cun na phaisa bawm asiloah phaisa zal zongah tial in fim hna hlah.

Ka PIN number ka philh asiloah a thar thlen ka herh ahcun zeitin asi lai?
Na PIN number na philh ahcun, PIN number a thar thlen dingcaah eWIC card a hnu lei i tialmi Customer Service number cu phone chawnh hna. Ca peknak lam code number le Nawlpekmi Aiawhtu a chuahni cu na theih a herh lai.

Pakhat khat nih ka PIN number cu a theih ahcun zeidah ka tuah lai?
PIN number thleng hna.


A Ngah Lo

Dawr ah a hman lomi PIN number ka tial ahcun zeitin asi lai?
A hman lomi PIN number na tial ahcun, voi 3 tiang hman tein tial than khawhnak na ngei lai. A hman lomi PIN voi li tiang na tial hnu ah, card cu a thaizing Nichuah Lei Suimilam Caan (Eastern Standard Time) 12:01 AM tiang tawh aa hrenh lai. Card tawh on than dingcaah le PIN number thlen dingcaah Customer Service cu 1-855-349-1454 ah zeitik poah ah chawnh khawh asi.

A tanglei a ngah lomi (error) ca kuat hi zeidah a chim duh?


Na eWIC Card Kilvennak

Ka umnak kaa thial asiloah kaa thleng ahcun zeitin asi lai?
Na umnak naa thial asiloah naa thleng ahcun card ngeitu umnak lam ca peknak zip code cu tharchuah dingcaah na siikhaan cu pehtlai hna. Hihi cu na account ah thlennak pawl tuah asi tikah thleidannak caah hman asi lai.

Ka eWIC card ka thlau/a rawk ahcun zeitin asi lai?
Na eWIC card na thlau asiloah a rawk ahcun, Customer Service cu 1-855-349-1454 ah asiloah siikhaan cu card cancel dingah phone chawnh hna. Cun sii khaan cu card a thar chuah piak dingin pehtlai hna.

Ka eWIC card cu zeitindah ka kilven lai?


Na card cu him tein le thiang tein fim hna.


Card a hnu lei i a nakmi thluan cu aa rin lo dingin chiah hna.


Thathnemnak pawl na hman dih tikah hlonh hna HLAH. Hi card pakhat te hi thla chiar te hman asi.


Kawi, bil asiloah mer, a kua vih, asiloah thli kham ziahnak caah asiloah kutka onnak caah hman HLAH.


Thir dat asiloah mobile phone bantuk electric thilri pawngah chiah hna HLAH.


Ni ah asiloah mawtaw thil chiahnak bantuk a linmi hmun pawl ah kal tak HLAH.

Na Thathnemhnak Pawl Tawlrelnak benefits


Na thathnemhnak pawl theih hna

Account ah WIC thathnemnak zeitindah ka hmuh khawh lai?

WIC siikhaan na leng lio ah na Indiana eWIC card ah WIC thathnemnak pawl cu na hmuh hna. Atu thathnemnak thla le hmailei thathnemnak thla pawl caah na chungkhar ca i WIC thathnemnak pawl cazin na hmuh lai. Cu nih thathnemnak thla ai thok ni le a dongh ni kha a langh ter.

Ka eWIC card hi hmanthan khawhmi asi maw?

Asi, na eWIC card fim hna. Thathnemnak chuah piak na si fatin, na card cu rawn piak asi lai. Na card cu na hlonh ahcun, a thar pakhat lak than dingcaah siikhaan cu na pehtlai a herh lai.

Ka WIC thathnemhnak pawl a caan a luan lai maw?

Asi, WIC thathnemnak pawl cu chuah piakmi caan chung lawngah hman ding asi. Tahchunhnak ah, aa thawkni cu 11-20 asi ahcun a donghni cu 12-19 asi lai, thathnemhnak pawl cu hi ni pahnih chungah hman ding asi lai. Asi khawh tikah, dawr ah na thathnemnak hman dingcaah adonghnak ni tiang hngak lo cu a tha bikmi asi. Hman lomi thathnemnak pawl cu Nichuah lei Suimilam Caan (Eastern Standard Time) a donghnak ni zaan tim ah a caan a dih lai.

Dawr Kal

Dawr Na Kal Hlan Ah Na Cazin A Tangmi Cu Thieh Hna

Thathnemnak cazin a tang micu a hnu bik dawr na kalnak cazin zoh in, 1-855-349-1454 ah Customer Service cu phone chawnh in, Card a ngeitu Webstie www.WICConnect.com ah zoh in le Card a ngeitu a then i tang a tummi menu ah Indiana WIC thim in, le INWIC Mobile App i thathnemnak cahmai ah zoh in hmuh khawh asi. 

Dawr ka kal lio ah WIC thil asi lomi cawk ka duh ahcun zeitin asi lai?

Dawr nih an kalpi ning aa dang cio men lai, asinain buaktlak in eWIC card cu WIC thathnemhnak pawl nih a cawk khawhmi eidin pawl caah hman na duh hmasa awk asi. Cu hnu cun adang thil pawl man peknak caah Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, Thazang Umnak Eidin A Bawmtu Bawmhnak Program) thathnemhnak pawl, laksawng card (gift card), aba cawknak card (debit card), phaisa asiloah check bantuk asi mi adang man peknak phun pawl cu na hman khawh hna.

WIC thathnemhnak pawl cu voikhat ah ka tlanh dih a herh maw?

A herh lo, WIC thathnemhnak pawl cu a caan a ngah chung vial te a herh zat in tlanh khawh asi.

Ka ai ah pakhat khat nih WIC dawr kal piak ka herh ahcun zeitin asi lai?

Pakhat khat cu na eWIC card le PIN na pek ahcun na WIC thathnemhnak vial te an tlanh dih khawhmi asi caah i ralring hna. Hi ṭhathnemnak pawl ai ah adang in chiah piak than asi lai LO. Na eWIC card le PIN cu na zumhmi minung an Aiawhtu dingin na thimmi lawnglawng pek hna.

Biahalnak pawl

Customer Service Kong Biahalnak Pawl


Website in pehtlai hna

Card A Ngeitu Website cu zeidah asi?
Card A Ngeitu Website cu card a ngeitu caah asi i thathnemhnak le man peknak konglam pawl cu an WIC account ah adang tein zohnak ding asi. Na thathnemhnak kong email in asiloah ca in theihternak caah le WIC program le eWIC card hmannak kong thil konglam theihnak dingcaah min khumhnak zong na tuah khawh lai.
Card A Ngeitu Website cu hihi asi:
Card A Ngeitu a then ah a tanglei a tummi Menu ah Indiana WIC timi thim hna.

Phone in Pehtlainak

Customer Service phone number cu zeitindah asi?
Hi number cu na eWIC card a hnu lei ah tial chih asi thiamthiam ko.
Hi phone nambar hi zarh khat ah ni 7, nikhat ah suimilam 24, chung a lak in chawnh khawh asi.
Customer Service zeitik caan ah chawnh ding asi timi tahchunhnak:
Customer Service asiloah card a ngeitu website cu phone ka chawnh lio ah ka WIC account konglam theih dingcaah zeibantuk thil konglam dah ka herh?
Atang lei kong biahal na duh ahcun WIC siikhaan cu pehtlai hna:
INWIC app kong adang biahalnak pawl ka ngei ahcun zeidah ka tuah khawh?

Read the “App Reference Guide”:

Hi riantuannak zung cu atlukmi caantha petu asi.
Side Lying Hold

Side-Lying Hold

  1. For the right breast, lie on your right side with your baby facing you.
  2. Pull your baby close. Your baby’s mouth should be level with your nipple.
  3. In this position, you can cradle your baby’s back with your left arm and support yourself with your right arm and/or pillows.
  4. Keep loose clothing and bedding away from your baby.
  5. Reverse for the left breast.

This hold is useful when:

Cross Cradle Hold

Cross-Cradle Hold

  1. For the right breast, use your left arm to hold your baby’s head at your right breast and baby’s body toward your left side. A pillow across your lap can help support your left arm.
  2. Gently place your left hand behind your baby’s ears and neck, with your thumb and index finger behind each ear and your palm between baby’s shoulder blades. Turn your baby’s body toward yours so your tummies are touching.
  3. Hold your breast as if you are squeezing a sandwich. To protect your back, avoid leaning down to your baby. Instead, bring your baby to you.
  4. As your baby’s mouth opens, push gently with your left palm on baby’s head to help them latch on. Make sure you keep your fingers out of the way.
  5. Reverse for the left breast.

This hold is useful when:

Football Hold

Clutch or “Football” Hold

  1. For the right breast, hold your baby level, facing up, at your right side.
  2. Put your baby’s head near your right nipple and support their back and legs under your right arm.
  3. Hold the base of your baby’s head with your right palm. A pillow underneath your right arm can help support your baby’s weight.
  4. To protect your back, avoid leaning down to your baby. Bring baby to you instead.
  5. Reverse for the left breast.

This hold is useful when:

Breastfeeding Holds

Cradle Hold

  1. For the right breast, cradle your baby with your right arm. Your baby will be on their left side across your lap, facing you at nipple level.
  2. Your baby’s head will rest on your right forearm with your baby’s back along your inner arm and palm.
  3. Turn your baby’s tummy toward your tummy. Your left hand is free to support your breast, if needed. Pillows can help support your arm and elbow.
  4. To protect your back, avoid leaning down to your baby. Instead, bring your baby to you.
  5. Reverse for the left breast.

This hold is useful when:

Breastfeeding Holds

Laid-Back Hold

  1. Lean back on a pillow with your baby’s tummy touching yours and their head at breast level. Some moms find that sitting up nearly straight works well. Others prefer to lean back and lie almost flat.
  2. You can place your baby’s cheek near your breast, or you may want to use one hand to hold your breast near your baby. It’s up to you and what you think feels best.
  3. Your baby will naturally find your nipple, latch, and begin to suckle.

This hold is useful when: